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Preferred Repair Facilities - Florida

When you listen to You Auto Know, you often hear Dave Serio referring to the "Preferred Repair Facilities". These are auto repair shops that not only help keep the show on the air, but meet Dave's high standards in customer service and quality repair work.
Orlando Area
Quality products and services used by trained technicians to improve the longevity of your vehicle.  
Call 1-800-327-8883 or visit their website for the nearest repair facility that uses B.G. Products.

Ace Cafe
100 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Car events, Rock 'n Roll & Dining
Jasper Engines
& Transmissions

Quality remanufactured Engines, Transmissions and Differentials with a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty - whichever comes first
Orlando Import
Auto Specialists

2801 E South St.
Orlando, FL 32801

“We service all vehicles and specialize in Japanese imports”